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Organic Instant Oolong Tea - Pure, Delicious, and Convenient

Organic Instant Oolong Tea - Pure, Delicious, and Convenient

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Discover the Delight of Organic Oolong - Our organic instant Oolong tea is a pure, unadulterated blend, absent of fillers, additives, or sweeteners. Crafted in an FDA-approved facility, our tea delivers an authentic taste with every sip, offering you a brewed tea experience, not the taste of crushed leaves or synthetic tea alternatives.

A Swift and Simple Tea Solution - Prepare a gratifying cup of tea in under 5 seconds, using either hot or cold water. Our brewing process allows you to enjoy tea wherever you are - at home, in your office, or on the move, as long as you have access to water.

Naturally Nourishing - We steer clear of chemicals in our manufacturing process. Our tea begins as a brewed beverage, crafted from premium high-mountain tea leaves. This ensures the retention of all the essential components you anticipate from an exceptional cup of tea, such as antioxidants, EGCG, and L-theanine.

Over a Hundred Cups of Pleasure - One packet is capable of creating 140 cups of tea or over 9 gallons of iced tea. It can be prepared either hot or cold within a matter of seconds.

Savor Exceptional Tea Even When Time-Strapped - In those moments when brewing is a luxury, we guarantee you still have access to a remarkable cup of tea.

Organic Oolong, A Tea for All Times - Our organic Oolong tea presents a light, floral taste profile, perfect for daily consumption. With a slightly fruity and fresh hint, it's rich in antioxidants, making every sip a wholesome experience.

Source and Serving - Our superior Organic Instant Oolong Tea originates from Fujian, a renowned tea region in China. The tea is handpicked at its peak and semi-fermented to bring out the finest flavor. With 140 servings per bag, each serving is a 1/4 teaspoon (0.7g), which can be adjusted based on your preference.

Ingredients - Our commitment to natural tea is unwavering, as seen in our ingredient list: 100% Natural Oolong High-Mountain Hand-Picked Tea.

Nutritional Facts - Caffeine content is 7% (49 milligrams per 1/4 tsp), and Polyphenols are 10% (70 milligrams per 1/4 tsp).

Discover the Oolong Journey - With a rich history as a traditional Chinese tea, often gifted to royal courts, Oolong tea is a globally cherished beverage today. Semi-fermented and hand-rolled into a unique shape, it has a distinctive oxidation process that amplifies its health-promoting compounds. Oolong tea is known for its potential anti-allergy, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Hot Tea - Combine 1/4 to 1/2 tsp in warm or hot water, stir, and enjoy an incredible cup of tea in less than 5 seconds.

Iced Tea - Mix 1/4 to 1/2 tsp in 250 ml of cold water. Add ice either before or after stirring. For extra refreshment, infuse a few mint leaves into the water.

Smoothies - Incorporate 1/2 to 1 tsp into your smoothie before blending.

Cocktails - Enhance your favorite cocktail with a unique tea flavor. Start with 1/8 tsp and adjust to taste.

Cooking - Enrich your recipes with our tea. Given our tea's concentrated nature, you may need less than what the recipe suggests.


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