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At the heart of our journey lies a singular vision: to create an instant tea that's nothing short of extraordinary. We wanted our teas to be 100% natural, effortlessly convenient, and irresistibly delicious. was born out of three non-negotiables:

Absolute Purity – Amidst a sea of instant teas, only a handful truly embody the essence of tea, while others have lost their inherent goodness. We set a different course. Our teas are free from fillers, additives, or sweeteners, carrying forward the tradition of tea in its purest form.

Instant Gratification – Our teas are ready in seconds, brewing flawlessly in both hot and cold water. We offer tea-lovers a simple, yet satisfying alternative without the time-consuming brewing process.

Uncompromised Taste – Quality is not a trade-off for us. If our tea didn't rival the flavor of a premium brewed cup, we wouldn't have it on our shelf.

The Journey

The seeds of were sown, quite unexpectedly, in a can of diet cola. Simon, my partner, relied on it for his afternoon caffeine fix as an eCommerce Executive. He craved something chilled rather than a hot cup of coffee, and his busy schedule wouldn’t permit the luxury of brewing and chilling tea. So, we decided to explore an alternative.

My name is Sharleen, a mother and a Naturopathic Doctor with a keen interest in Environmental Medicine. My philosophy of health revolves around clean air, clean water, and clean food - a list that certainly doesn’t feature diet cola. In my quest for a healthier pick-me-up for Simon, tea was the obvious choice.

Yet, the instant teas available in the market didn’t meet our quality standards. Thus, we embarked on a journey to create our own. After months of relentless testing and refining, we're immensely proud to present our premium instant tea. It's 100% natural, uncompromising in quality, and simply delightful to the palate.

Welcome to a new era of tea-drinking, brought to you by

With gratitude,

Sharleen and Simon


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