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About us and our Instant Teas

About Us

Our instant teas are 100% natural, premium teas that brew easily and quickly in hot or cold water. When we set out to make these instant teas, we had three goals:

It had to be 100% natural tea.There are many instant teas in the market, but very few of them actually contain tea and those that do have often lost the good properties of tea. Our teas don’t contain fillers, additives or sweeteners.

It has to be instant and easy. That means it had to brew in seconds in hot or cold water.

It had to be delicious. We didn’t want to compromise when it came to quality. If our tea wasn’t as good as a premium cup of brewed tea, we wouldn’t sell it.

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The Story began with diet cola—well, as a way to replace the diet cola my partner, Simon, was drinking every afternoon. Simon is an eCommerce Executive, so his days are quite busy and he appreciates the pick-me-up of some caffeine in the afternoon, however, he prefers to have something chilled, rather than a hot cup of coffee. His schedule wouldn’t allow for him to brew hot tea, then chill it, so I decided to find another way.

My name is Sharleen Hawco. I’m a Mom and a Naturopathic Doctor with a special interest in Environmental Medicine. I believe optimal health begins with clean air, clean water and clean food (which doesn’t include diet cola). When I set out to find a way for Simon to have his afternoon pick-me-up, tea was an obvious choice.

The instant teas on the market weren’t high enough quality, so we set out to develop our own. After months of testing and refining, we’re proud to say we’ve created a premium instant tea that’s 100% natural, makes no compromises and tastes great.


Sharleen and Simon

Founders of

Brooklin, Ontario, Canada