Our Journey Begins

I know it may seem silly that we have found a way to an easier, faster way to make tea but the journey began when we were looking for a replacement for diet cola for Simon. Simon needs the caffeine to function but doesn't like hot drinks during the day.  He also found it much too difficult (and a waste of time) to brew the tea and then chill it when at work.

There are many teas on the market that are instant, but they really are not teas and even if they have tea in it, they have lost any of the good properties of tea.  Without an option that worked, we went out and created InstantTeas.com.

Before we go into our journey, we should tell you a little about ourselves.  My name is Sharleen Hawco, and I am a Mom and a Naturopathic Doctor with a speciality in Environmental Medicine.  I have always had two keen and constant passions: environmental health and natural medicines.  Simon is an eCommerce executive that is always on the go and loves drinking diet cola (the good thing is that he knows cola is not good for him).

For me achieving optimal health begins with clean air, clean water and clean food.  We are bombarded with chemicals, toxins and other products our bodies don't need each and every day.  We work hard in our families life to remove as much of these from our day to day lives so finding a high-quality instant tea product was very important to us.

Now back to our journey in developing our tea.  When developing the product we had three principles:

  • It had to be tea - no fillers, additives or sweeteners.  We wanted it to be a high-quality tea that would not be a trade off versus brewing a great pot of tea.
  • It had to be easy - when we say instant it needed to be truly instant and work in both hot and cold water.  If you wanted to make Iced Tea with water and ice, it needed to dissolve just as easy as it would in hot water.
  • It needed to be natural - it had to be something I could believe in, no chemicals could be used in the manufacturing process, it needed to be natural and contain all of the great components that exists in tea.

I am excited to say that we achieved this with Instant Teas - it is a natural product that makes no compromises, is it easy to use (and makes incredible iced tea) and contains all of the great properties that exists in brewed tea (it still contains Polyphenols, ECGG and L-theanine).  We did all of this working with a partner that manufactures pharmaceutical grade products in a facility that is FDA approved.

We are working through the final stages of product development of the first two instant teas (a Black Instant Tea and a Green Instant Tea) and hope to have it ready to sell soon. We can't wait for you to try the product out and let us know what you think of the product, we know it may seem silly, but this really is an easier way to make tea.

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