Creating the Original Nestle Iced Tea Blend Flavor

All a great note from one of our Instant Iced Tea lovers:
"I just wanted to let you know that I've bought a bag of black instant tea to make my own iced tea powder mix since Nestlé has discontinued their original recipe. The result I've got with it is surprisingly close to their old recipe. So, I'm really satisfied with your instant black tea! The new Nestea recipe is getting pretty bad reviews since they put it on the market:
I don't know if there's a real business opportunity there, but I'm pretty sure that a simple iced tea recipe low on sugar could be a hit since the new Nestea blends taste bad and consumers like to buy products with ingredients that they understand.
In case it's interesting for you, here the recipe I've made for a pot of powdered mix:
480 ml of instant dissolving sugar
40 ml of instant black tea
10 ml of citric acid
The original Nestea blend (with 50% less sugar) also contained malic acid and lemon flavor, but even though I couldn't find these ingredients the taste is still very very close to the real thing.
That's it, do whatever you want with this info."
Great recipe for Iced Tea - what are your?
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